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While a sometimes-controversial business philosophy, we believe that Richard Branson said it best, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” This is core to our philosophy, and it works.

While there are numerous studies to back this up, we honestly don’t need studies to appreciate this simple fact. Treat people well, as you would like to be treated, and together you will all win.

We all know of this company. The one with “surprising and unexpected” accomplishments, low turnover and high profits in a very competitive industry. The one some employees join for the same or lower salary they had at their previous employer. Maybe it’s one of your competitors, or maybe you just read about them. What’s going on over there?

At Savvi, we know. Because we’ve created them, worked in them, and helped them grow. The common thread to all of these companies, the ones that thrive in good and bad economic times, is a positive, team-based culture.

Creating one takes time, maintaining one is forever. It starts at the top and requires consistent commitment. But when your company has it, your company grows. Works like magic every time. Your employees become more productive, and more productivity leads to higher profits. It’s so simple, that today we can implement what it takes to start making that cultural shift…and huge pay raises and unlimited vacation days are not required. This is not new, it’s not for “The Millennials”, and it’s not rocket science. It just simply the right way to run a successful, thriving business in today’s ultra-competitive environment.

If you are unsure what your company culture is, or if you’ve heard rumblings around the workplace that people are unhappy – let’s have a real conversation. The solutions to address these challenges can be very simple and inexpensive. But first, you need to believe.

Let Savvi help you and together we will watch the magic happen.

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Company Culture

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