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Simply put, marketing is creating demand for your company's products and services. Showing new and existing customers why you're a great choice for their needs. It's that simple.


We also know that reaching customers today can seem anything but simple.  Facebook, Instagram, SnapWHAT, websites, SEO, SEM, mobile-friendly; where do you start?

Let Savvi Strategies help you take control of your marketing - your way.

Our unique approach starts with meeting you where you are, to bring you where you want to go.

We work with our clients individually, so their brand remains unique to them, giving them a personal identity within their community (driving new customers, and highlighting their unique value proposition to new and existing customers). Today’s consumers prefer buying from local providers, so keeping your brand relevant to their needs will differentiate you and help grow your businesses.

And here's the best part…you can decide if you want us to do it all for you, or if you’d prefer, we teach you and your team how to do it, so you aren’t always reliant on a marketing company.

Why choose Savvi Strategies?

Did you know that more than 80% of all buying decisions in the home are made by women? Our founder, Amanda Bacon-Davis, is essentially your target audience…female, homeowner, mid-(to-late) 30’s, mother, puppy mom, and wife.

Our tailored consulting engagements are all billed by project. No monthly retainers and no unpredictable hourly charges.  

You will never see any project management, administrative, middle-man, or hidden fees, and we will never add a markup to work we outsource to our strategic vendor partners.

Oh...and we won't work for your competition. How savvi is that?!

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