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Our Superpower?
Creating stories that sell.


Are the words, family owned and operated, words you've used thousands of times?

We understand. 


you have amazing stories that are worth sharing.
And guess what? Your customer's want to hear them (they need to hear them). 

We know how to listen to your stories and turn them into marketable content, that will relate with your existing customers, and attract new customers. 

Have lunch with us, and bring one of your co-workers to share about your company. We will give you all the gab-time you need to share, share, share.

Then, we will take that content and make magical marketing campaigns.

Please Enjoy Lunch On Us At
The One Hundred Club!

New England’s premier private club, sits 5 stories up, providing business leaders five-star hospitality in a comfortable setting surrounded by breathtaking views of historic downtown Portsmouth, NH.

Superpower Time
Enter to Win!
Are your prebuy marketing campaigns, generating the results you wanted?
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All that glitters.png
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