Amanda Bacon-Davis, President

In a world where businesses are thirsting for something more, comes Amanda Bacon-Davis, President of Savvi Strategies, a new brand of business consulting helping small and middle-market companies across the country.

A proud graduate of Plymouth State University, Amanda has 16+ years of experience helping several companies achieve award-winning success in the energy industry by leading entire organizations as well as sales, marketing, and public relations teams. 

Amanda’s superpowers are no stranger to the public eye: She’s been named a Rising Leader in the Propane Industry by LP Gas Magazine; was the youngest member of the Propane Gas Association of New England (PGANE) to chair and co-chair two committees.


As a passionate advocate for women in business, Amanda worked with the Knowledge Exchange program with  Women in Propane, mentoring professionals across the country.

Her influential approach has led her to speak nationally, regionally, and locally about leading the next generation while being mindful of generational gaps, forward thinking marketing trends, and corporate motivational well-being.

Amanda spends her free time with her amazing friends and family and traveling (currently on hold) the world. She lives on the Seacoast of New Hampshire with her 7-year-old daughter, husband, and their dog, Dog-Dog.

Sarah Berry, Vice President

Our new Vice President, Sarah Berry, comes with her own set of superpowers. Sarah’s background is full of elements that have all funneled together with one thing in common: she knows how to get a job done. 


Her experience of working with countless Chamber of Commerce’s, media outlets, and running the sales and marketing team for an award-winning company, makes her a jack-of-all trades. 

Through Sarah’s efforts, she has helped organizations win countless awards, raise money for non-profits, and developed some of the best marketing campaigns we have ever seen. Which reminds us, sometimes the best, can also mean the simplest, helping our client’s save time and money, while achieving winning results. 


Sarah is a pro at goal setting, strategic planning, and most importantly…execution. Her philosophy is: get the job done, and get the job done right. She is ridiculously organized, and ensures people and organizations stay on task to obtain their results. 

Her out of the box thinking, is just one more of her superpowers, which helps when she is putting together droll worthy events, something she is passionate about. She also enjoyed her time on the committee of the Taste of Southern New Hampshire, with the Salem Chamber of Commerce. 

Sarah spends what little free time she has when she is not hustling in the world of marketing and helping start-ups, enjoy time with her friends and family, especially her nieces and nephew.