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Savvi Strategies 

a new brand of business consulting. 

Savvi Strategies is the foundation for our Founder, Amanda Bacon-Davis, and her unparalleled ability to help companies exceed their own measures of success. Responsible, accountable, and with a fierce work ethic. Our team will keep your objectives in the spotlight and make sure they deliver. Through the partnership of planning and problem solving, we will help you develop innovative business skills and knowledge to ensure that you are feeling the lift of success quickly, while having fun doing it.

With our ability to get to the heart of any challenge or opportunity quickly ~ we won’t just provide you with winning solutions; we will dance with you while we’re doing it. Our approach to helping you grow your business is to find the core issues that hold productivity and business-success back from their potential and provide new insight, strategy, planning, and problem-solving engagements that will be both rewarding and fun. We believe in our core that a positive team culture ensures great success. Let us show you how amazing it is to professionally grow your business, enjoy the process and have fun doing it.

We know there is never a one-size-fits-all approach for our clients. We customize everything for your company, your brand, and your customers. Our tailored consulting engagements are all billed by project. No monthly retainers required, and no unpredictable hourly charges. You will never see any project management, administrative, middle-man, or hidden fees, and we will never markup work we outsource to our strategic vendor partners.

Oh . . . and if we work on your project, we won't work for your competition*.
How Savvi is that?!

Terms and conditions apply. Not applicable for IDEAL Members. 


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